Melnaturel : All Natural Skin Care

Melissa Wilson always enjoyed makeup, often playing with her mom’s makeup when she was a child. But in her teen years, Mel suffered from acne and scarring. Later she found out she has polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and that hormone imbalance was causing her acne. After trying many products—that didn’t work—Mel decided to try creating her own, natural skin-care products.

She’d been creating her own eyelash serum for a while, and friends and sisters encouraged her to go ahead and run with that. The serum is all natural—every other brand she’d tried from the salon would turn her eyelids colors, and she spent hundreds of dollars trying to get her eyelashes to grow better. She loves DIY projects like refurbishing furniture—all kinds of making and creating. She explains, “I’ve always been an artist, and I’ve always been an entrepreneur. I already had the ingredients. I had the time. I decided to make a bottle for each of my sisters. It was around Christmas-time, and as I texted my friend that her bottle was ready, she asked if I’d make one for her friend. So I did. Then I created a professional-looking label for the bottles. At first I was going to call it Elnaturel, but my sister, who is sassy, said, ‘You forgot the M, duh! Why not call your brand Melnaturel, playing off your name?’ And I thought, ‘Great idea!’ Soon after that, I posted on my Facebook page that I had 8 extra bottles available for $10 each. I ended up selling 165 bottles in that one post. I hadn’t even set up an official business yet! So I got to work ordering ingredients, setting up an LLC, getting insurance, and making everything legal, and on January 22, I launched the business—Melnaturel.”

Meanwhile, she had been working on looking for other natural skin-care products for herself, researching all of the reasons why she should be using completely natural products on her face. She had tried everything under the sun to treat acne but couldn’t get rid of it. Then when she started going 100 percent natural—no harsh chemicals—she started to see a major difference with scarring going away and acne clearing up. Then other people became interested in her research and products. By the second month of Melnaturel, she had already sold product in eleven states, and now her products are being used in over twenty states and in Australia.

She explains: “Once I started the official business, I started testing product with girls in various locations around the country that I knew were having problems. I mailed them product to test and give me feedback. Then I grouped them according to skin type and did various trial tests. If the trial worked, I’d bring it out to market. I had known it worked for me, but I wanted to know it was working for other people. And now I have frequent users all over the country.”

More information and Melnaturel’s full product line can be found at, or by following Melnaturel on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest. You can also purchase some of her products locally at The Local Store (Volume One) in Eau Claire.

Intelligent Nutrients: Beauty and Skin Care that Cares about the Planet Too

by Nicole Rechelbacher, co-owner, Intelligent Nutrients 

Learning from Mother Nature is the foundation of the Intelligent Nutrients brand, and our mission is to maintain safety and nutrition within every ingredient we select. Choosing plant-based retinols, AHAs, enzymes, and other sustainably sourced actives with proven results in place of the chemically based norm is in our DNA. The bedrock of our products is active, high performing nontoxic ingredients that support healthy cell development.

Plant-based science is how I was raised. My father (Horst Rechelbacher) instilled a deep appreciation for nature and beauty without sacrificing wellness. He created Aveda and Intelligent Nutrients–his mission was to educate that beauty does not have to come at the cost of your health or the health of our delicate environment.

Kiran Stordalen (co-owner and lifelong partner of Horst) and I are honored to carry his vision and mission forward and excitedly evolve it. New technologies are making it possible to incorporate ingredients that achieve even higher standards of safety for us and for the planet.

Are our products certified organic? Absolutely, we have a wonderful team member whose entire role is to ensure and vet every ingredient to be non-toxic, certified organic, and safe. We work directly with our suppliers and the third-party auditors that confirm our formulas, ingredients, and processes to maintain those standards. More specifically we hold certifications from COSMOS, the international standard for organic and natural cosmetics. We also hold certifications from the Organic Soil Association and are stamped USDA Organic, showing which products are 95 percent or more organic content.

Our formulas are plant based, not petroleum based, and we believe every beauty company should use sustainable ingredients and new science to help take care of our bodies. As a planet, we are clearly depleting our resources. The environment is unstable, and petroleum is not a part of nature’s DNA. So why should you put this on and in your body? The beauty industry, especially in the United States, needs to wake up and shake up how we create sustainable skin and beauty.

Three of Our Best-Selling Products
Our Harmonic® Shampoo and Conditioner has fans worldwide, thanks to its nontoxic, antioxidant-rich formula that removes buildup for a weightless clean. The Minty Destress Express aroma tingles and leaves the scalp balanced and hair clean and light.

For skin care, our Renewal Complex Skin Serum uses 11 percent pure active plant stem cell ingredients for the most potent and active performance. This plant stem cell bioactive science reduces water usage by tons, preserves land for food, is up to 1,000 times more antioxidant potent than conventionally harvested raw materials, and is non-GMO.  We use six types throughout many skin and hair products. Each has specific function to revitalize skin cells, rejuvenate aging skin, restore elasticity, brighten skin, and fuel a healthy hair cycle.

Destress Express™ Hair & Body Oil nourishes hair, scalp, and body while relieving mental and physical stress. Formulated with a therapeutic blend of certified organic essential oils and flavors to soothe, purify, deodorize, condition, and refresh.

We encourage everyone to respect yourself, body and mind, and respect the world around us. Pause, appreciate, meditate, do whatever it takes to preserve our planet.

Sakura Skin Spa Summer Skin Tips

By Sarah Green, Owner & Licensed Aesthetician, CLT – Sakura Skin Spa

With summer (hopefully!) right around the corner, it’s time to remember a few easy skin tips that will help keep your skin healthy and glowing all summer long!

Hydration: Just because we tend to sweat more during the summer doesn’t mean that our skin is hydrated. Be sure to keep up with an appropriate moisturizer for your skin. The other part of hydration is keeping your body hydrated, as this will in turn help keep your skin radiant and glowing. Drinking plenty of water also helps purge impurities from your skin and body, which is very important in skin and overall health.

Exfoliation: With summer sweat come clogged pores! Our skin naturally turns over every twenty-eight to thirty days, and so exfoliation year-round is important. However, in the summer we tend to sweat more, which can cause excess buildup of oil, makeup, and other debris in our pores. Using a gentle scrub or a product like our Sakura Clarify Pads with 7 percent mixture of salicylic and glycolic acids help to flush your pores of unwanted debris while exfoliating the top layers of your skin to help rid your skin of excess pigment and blemishes, and leaves you with a gorgeous glow. Treatments like the HydraFacial, Fire & Ice, or traditional relaxing facials are excellent—and summertime safe!—ways to help maintain that exfoliated glow. Chemical peels are not recommended during summer months as clients cannot sweat during the peel process and must keep their skin protected from the sun. In our limited summer months there are many other treatments that will still allow us to enjoy our (finally!) beautiful, warm weather while still giving us excellent results!

Sunscreen: Sunscreen is important to use throughout the year, even in winter months, as we are constantly bombarded with harmful rays causing damage to our skin. Sunscreen will not only help prevent sunburn, which as we all know is no fun, but it will also protect you from the damage the sun causes to our skin. An excellent way to prevent premature aging of the skin and excessive pigmentation is to use sunscreen anytime you are going to be outdoors. Driving or running errands still exposes us to these harmful rays. We carry two Naturopathica organic sunscreens. Our Lavender SPF 30 is a hydrating cream with micronized zinc oxide to help guard the skin from UVA/UVB damage. Lavender calms irritation and soothes the senses while Macadamia Seed Oil conditions the skin. The Naturopathica Lavender SPF 17 is a nourishing moisturizer, also with micronized zinc oxide to guard from UVA/UVB, Turmeric Root, which helps prevent sun spots, and the calming Lavender. Both provide enhanced daily broad-spectrum protection from sun damage for healthier, younger-looking skin.

I also love using our Revisions Intellishade, a tinted moisturizer with an SPF 45. I use this as my makeup but also get the benefit of sun protection daily. For me this has made a huge difference on my skin as I am very prone to pigmentation. Not all makeup SPFs are created the same! Just because your makeup has an SPF in it does not mean you are getting adequate coverage. Do your research! Using a proper makeup or tinted SPF moisturizer is an easy way to apply daily protection without thinking twice.

Other excellent serums to protect your skin are a Vitamin C and/or a Green Tea Polyphenol (GTP) product. Vitamin C and GTP protect our skin from free radicals (sun, chemicals, pollution, etc.) that break down our cells and cause damage and premature aging. When applied, Vitamin C acts much like a seatbelt. It’s constantly protecting our skin from these free radicals. GTP acts much like an airbag, which instantly destroys free radicals when they land on our skin before they have time to do damage! Together these two products are an excellent addition to your skin routine. Not only will they help to prevent future damage, they will help repair damage that has already been done to the skin.

Summer can be harsh on our skin, but with a few simple “skin rules,” you can enjoy the gorgeous weather without making your skin suffer the consequences!


Better Skin Through Ayurveda

by Jen Quinlan

Vata = Dry Skin

To Cleanse: Mix 1 tsp almond meal, ½ tsp dry milk, 1 pinch sugar. Store in a spice jar.

In your palm, make paste using ¼ tsp cleanser & warm water. Apply it over face and neck and gently massage into the skin for about one minute. Do not scrub. Rinse well with warm water. Do not dry. If skin is very dry, instead just wash with a mixture of 1 Tbsp heavy cream & 2 drops of lemon juice.

To Nourish: Mix 1 oz sesame oil, 10 drops geranium oil, 5 drops each neroli and lemon oil. Store in dark glass bottle with a dropper. In the palm, mix 3 drops of nourishing oil & 6 drops water. While skin is still wet, massage mixture all over face and neck until oil is absorbed.

To Moisturize: Melt 1 ½ oz cocoa butter in double boiler. Add 4 oz. avocado oil & remove from heat. Add 1 oz orange tea a drop at a time while stirring. When cool, add 3-4 drops each geranium and rose oil. Gently apply moisturizing cream over surface of skin and neck. Do not massage into skin.

Pitta = Sensitive Skin

To Cleanse: Mix 1 tsp almond meal, ½ tsp dry milk, ½ tsp ground orange peel. Store in a spice jar. In your palm, make paste using ¼ tsp cleanser mix & rosewater. Massage paste over face and neck gently for 1 minute. Do not scrub. Rinse with cool water. Do not dry. If skin is very sensitive, use the cleanser only at bedtime. In the morning, wash only with plain heavy cream. Rinse with cool water & continue with normal nourishing and moisturizing steps below.

To Nourish:  Mix 1 oz almond oil, 10 drops each rose & sandlewood oil. Store in dark glass bottle with dropper. In your palm, mix 2-3 drops of nourishing oil w/4-6 drops water. While skin is wet, gently massage mixture all over face and neck for 1 minute.

To Moisturize: Melt 1 oz cocoa butter in double boiler. Add 3 oz sunflower oil & remove from heat. Using a dropper, add 2 oz rose tea one drop at a time while stirring. When cool, add 5-6 drops sandalwood oil. Gently apply to face and neck (don’t massage into skin).

Kapha = Oily Skin

To Cleanse: Mix 1 tsp barley meal, ½ tsp lemon peel, ½ tsp dry milk. Store in spice jar. In palm, make paste using ½ tsp cleanser & warm water. Massage paste into face & neck for 1 minute. Do not scrub. Rinse with warm water. Do not dry. Don’t use soaps or astringents containing alcohol.

To Nourish: Mix 1 oz sunflower oil, 10 drops lavender oil, 5 drops each bergamot and clary sage oil. Store in glass jar with dropper. In your palm, mix 2 drops of nourishing oil & 4 drops water. While skin is wet, gently massage mixture all over face and neck for 1 minute.

To Moisturize: Melt 1 oz cocoa butter in double boiler. Add 3 oz almond, safflower or canola oil. Remove from heat. Using dropper, add 2 oz rosemary or basil tea one drop at a time while stirring. When cool, add 1 drop camphor oil, 2 drops bergamot oil & 3 drops lavender oil. Gently apply cream over face and neck.

Weekly Exfoliating Mask:
Dry Skin: Banana or avocado pulp
Sensitive Skin: Banana or pineapple pulp
Oily Skin: Strawberry or papaya pulp

Apply to face and neck and lie down for 10-15 minutes with legs up to increase blood supply to the face. Rinse with water, then nourish and moisturize.

Tuning In To Your Skin: Who Are You?

Vata = Space+Air

The best ayurvedic text, the Chakra Samhita, defines a Vata dosha as dry, rough, cool, lacking weight, tiny, always moving, broad, and unlimited, or unbound. Vatas are more slender and have dry, delicate skin and hair with lots of volume. Quick in speech, thought, and action.  They make friends with ease. They are light sleepers and more often than not choose warm climates to live in. They thrive on creativity and are very enthusiastic. Factors that can cause Vata to be thrown out of balance are foods that are raw or dry, and over consumption of ice-cold beverages as well as extreme cold winds. Daily routine, travel, and mental overexertion also throw Vata for a loop.

Pitta = Water+Fire

Pittas are hot, sharp, burning, flowing, and pungent. Pitta is like gasoline; can be ignited if out of balance. Pitta are more medium proportions with warm, fair skin. They are sensitive and have fine hair that may have premature graying or thinning. They have a set goal and purpose with each step and are sharp and determined in speech, thought, and action. They also tend to be light sleepers and live in cooler climates. Self confidence with strong entrepreneurial ambitions. If you are Pitta you will become unbalanced with spicy food, if you skip a meal, if you are too hot, or if there is emotional trauma.

Kapha = Earth+Water

A Kapha is cold, soft, sweet, and slippery. They tend to be larger, robust people. Their skin is often oily and they have rich wavy hair. They are stable, calm, and very easy going. They are steady in their step while loyalty is their middle name. They are heavy sleepers and uncomfortable in clammy, damp or dank environments. Their dispositions are calm and sweet. Kapha balance can be thrown off by fried, heavy, or sweet foods. Ice cold beverages also cause havoc as well as cold temperature, daytime sleeping and lack of exercise.

Green Pages » May/June ‘12

Awareness is Key at Little Sprouts Academy

Joe and Lucy Lawrence have something very special to offer Menomonie and the surrounding communities in their new child care/learning center, Little Sprouts Academy Menomonie LLC.

Naturally, the development and well-being of children is their first priority, but how those goals are accomplished is what makes Little Sprouts unique. Joe and Lucy have a passion for eco-awareness. To them, the impact environment has on people (especially young people) is critical to their development and well-being. Recognizing that all aspects of our health are influenced by the environment in which we live and choices we make (for ourselves and our children) is a focus of their center. Not only will children be loved, cared for, taught, and nurtured at Little Sprouts, but Joe and Lucy have made it their goal to provide an environment that says: We are aware! When considering the environment the children would be in on a daily basis, they took into account the exposure children would have to chemicals and toxins. The cleaning products, flooring, paints, foods, toys, and furniture were all mindfully selected to be the least harmful for the children.

Even more importantly, this awareness goes deeper; while at the center, the children will have opportunities to learn to be aware of their environment and make sound choices for themselves. Offering opportunities for gardening, composting, recycling, and learning about making healthy food choices and the impact their choices have on their health will be key to the growth and development of children who are the future leaders of our communities.

They call themselves, “eco-aware”, because Joe and Lucy acknowledge that they are aware, but certainly not “all-knowing”. Life-long learners themselves, they realize that awareness is the first step to making changes (changes that will affect your future) and that knowledge and new information will always become available, challenging them to make changes that will be best for the employees and children in their learning center.

It is their goal to help children become productive citizens of our communities and with that, educating families and the community will be a step in achieving their goal. Not only will Joe and Lucy provide learning environments for children, but they are excited to also offer classes for parents and the community.

If you have an interest in learning more about Little Sprouts or have something that you would like to share with Joe and Lucy, please contact them at 715-403-1338 or by e-mail at or

Little Sprouts offers:

  • Full or half-day care for children 6 weeks-5 years old
  • Drop-in care
  • School-Age Care (before and after school)
  • Summer School Program
  • 4K
  • Employment opportunities for lead and assistant teachers and cooks

They’d love to meet you — stop on by!

Worker B

Your skin takes a beating every day, but Worker B skin care helps you fight back by providing a lasting protective barrier and the ultimate in skin repair. Our ingredients come straight from the hive– hand crafted without fillers. We offer highly concentrated lotions and balms for superior conditioning of your hands, face, feet, and body – and great for our four-legged friends too!

Worker B is a Minneapolis-based skin care line with an emphasis on bee products. We are a three person company now celebrating 18 months in business. Collectively we have 10 years of experience in and around the honeybee industry and keep our own hives on a friend’s organic farm. We do all of the ingredient sourcing, formulation, production, packaging and shipping ourselves.

Ingredients: Worker B skin care products contain no fillers, water, alcohol, etc. and use bee products (beeswax, honey and propolis) from several Minnesota and western Wisconsin beekeepers – now ages 18 to 70! We make sure that our beekeepers are keeping their bees ethically and sustainably. These personal relationships with our beekeepers are what set Worker B apart from other “bee-based” companies. As Worker B grows, so does our support of ethical beekeepers! All other ingredients are certified organic or GMO free.

Products: All Worker B products can be used all over your skin, from face to feet, lips to hands. Good for pet paws and food safe, so no worries about use in the kitchen. Worker B was developed in part for the most sensitive of skin, suitable for people with a large range of allergies. These are highly concentrated formulas, so a little bit goes a long way! We hand craft each product in small batches, providing you the freshest products. Labels are letter-press printed by a local artist. Hard-working products made by and for hard-working people!

Bee Collected. Bee Nourished. Worker B.