Perfection KILLS Your Progress: Why It’s Okay Not to Be Perfect

by Jeremy Huisheere, FitElite

Have you ever set a goal and the longer you thought about it, the more unattainable it became?  I think it is safe to say that everyone has been in this predicament. In the fitness and wellness realm, these goals are usually connected to the chase of weight loss or an improved physique.  It can be daunting when setting a long-term goal because there are so many opportunities for you to fall off track.

Let’s paint the picture of a 2018 New Year’s Resolution. You are ready to make a life change and start the journey of getting in better shape. You sit down and set a goal of losing 25 pounds. To do this, you decide you are going to quit drinking soda, stop eating added sugars, fried foods, and ice cream, cut down on carbs, increase your vegetables, start drinking more water, sleep better, and start going to the gym six days a week. The list could go on and on.

What are the chances that you are going to eat perfectly, sleep perfectly, and have a perfect gym routine every single day this year? I’ll tell you—ZERO and that is okay! Refocus yourself to nail one thing at a time.

When setting your fitness or wellness goal (or any goal for that matter), don’t dwell on perfection. If you do, you will always fail. Rather, focus on progress. At the end of your day, look yourself in the mirror and ask this one simple question, “Am I making progress?” This gives you so many opportunities to succeed. If what you are doing this week is getting you closer to your end goal, that is progress!

Will your progress come to a screeching halt if you have an off day and your nutrition is less than ideal? Absolutely not! Did going to the gym on that same day, when in the past you would have stayed home, mean you are progressing toward your end goal? Absolutely!

There is no room in the chase of progress for the crippling stress of perfection. Don’t worry about being perfect, and know that every decision is an opportunity leading you one step closer to your end goal.

If you can retrain your brain into the positive thinking of progress, you will no longer have to spend your time worrying about the imperfections that are found in everyday life situations. Treating each individual decision each day as a stepping stone in the right direction will lead to many small “wins” or “successes.” These incremental “wins” will culminate into one massive achievement—reaching your ultimate goal.

The most difficult thing about progress is that it sometimes happens at a snail’s pace. Patience is not something that comes easy for most, but those who are willing to stick it out are the ones who tend to see the greatest successes.

Be patient with your progress, be patient with yourself, and remember, perfection is not the answer. Rather ask, “Am I Making Progress?”

All New Hope Sparkles for 2017

By Sandi Anderson

After a year of contested elections, unpredictable weather, and natural disasters (the list goes on), worry has become commonplace.  We could use a new dose of hope. New hope for the New Year 2017 is doable. Even a small twinkle of hope can turn those feelings about. It’s time to create new “hope twinkles.”

“A hope sparkle is that special event, thought, or words someone said that inspired us to keep going.” Sandi-ism 11-30-2016

Yes, life can seem pretty bleak. Especially when we keep meeting resistance and the goals we set are not reached. We can begin to believe there is no reason to keep going. When we can’t get to where we would like to be and don’t feel we have any control in our life, it can start to seem like “Why bother?” “Who’s going to care?” or “What is the point?”

That’s where hope comes in. Hope can turn us from despair. It’s a deep life energy, a reason to live. It’s the fuel for trusting intentions to manifest our desires. When we face challenges in life, hope is the magic elixir that can help us stay strong and persevere.

The “I am” statements are powerful makers of the good we do, have, see, and are. Statements such as “I am not,” “I can’t,” “I never,” or “I am always” chip away at our reserves of confidence and resilience. In this state of mind, we begin to lose the ability to see the “twinkles and sparkles” of hope in everyday life. When that happens, it’s time to create new hope twinkles.

Here are some steps to creating new twinkles of hope:

1. Ask yourself how would you really want your life to look.
What would it include? Think of the absolute best. Be specific. If it’s a job, what are you doing? Where? What are your friends like? Note how these new ideas feel, how your attitude changes. Use statements such as, “I can do…,” “I am worthy of…,”  “I can start….”

2. Compare your ideal vision to what you have now.
This will give insight into areas of your life that are in line with your vision, areas needing attention. Have any parts of your vision already showed up in your life? Those twinkles tell you hope is around. Acknowledge them. They’re yours.

3. Reflect (honestly) whether this is a realistic expectation.
You really expect to be a millionaire, but you don’t know what the job will be. Start with a step you can do and will be able to achieve. Believe you do have the answer.

4. Set Goals.
Be Specific. Be open to finding different ways to achieve them. Are they measurable? Remember to celebrate the small twinkles of success. Have short-term, mid-term, and long-range goals. Start and end times. Write this all down.

5. Action.
What are some things you can do right now to create and achieve your goals? You are worth the effort.

Sandi Anderson, CHTP, RM & Intuitive Life & Soul Coach. Energetic Healing.