Getting More Joy in 2015

“Remember that your natural state is joy.” Wayne Dyer

The depths of winter are upon us in Wisconsin. In the frozen ground, right at this very moment, there are bulbs and seeds just waiting for spring to bloom and show off their colors. What seeds did you plant inside yourself last year? Did you vow to eat better, drink less, lose weight, train for a 5K or marathon?

Before you start feeling bad, let’s do a little exercise. No running shoes or yoga pants needed, just a paper and pen. Just for fun, no thinking.

Start with taking a few deep breaths. Write down 3-5 things you really wanted in 2014. No editing. No judging. Just write them down.

Now for the life coaching magic, take each one of those things and just like those Madlibs you loved as a kid, plug it into this sentence:

When I get _______________________(one thing you wrote), I will feel_____________________________.

What would it be like to start feeling like that right now?

Do you really need the thing to get the feeling?

What if you just decided to feel that feeling?

Healthy, more abundance, greater fulfillment, love, peace, happiness, bliss, and my personal favorite, JOY, are all possible for you at this very moment.

Just for this moment, feel joy throughout your body. Feel it with all of your senses. Delicious!

Now as you go back to your normal day, begin to notice when that delicious feeling returns. Maybe it’s the coffee aroma, the smile from your barista, the gorgeous sunrise, or all three that give you a little glimpse back to the moment of joy.  As you move through your day, in awe of the wonderful life you have, focus on gratitude.

“The root of joy is gratefulness.”  – David Steindl-Rast

Gratitude not only extends the deliciousness, but it rewires the brain by strengthening the joy centers and shrinking the fear centers. (The fear centers keep us safe from harm but are overdeveloped and overzealous in our modern world where we are bombarded with everything that is not going well everywhere all the time!)

This takes practice, and sometimes it is necessary to “fake it ‘til you make it.” If you really would love a sportscar or fabulous house, dwell in the way it feels to test drive the car or go to a parade of homes. No need to attach to the idea of a specific car or house; spend your energy in feeling the joy. Sometimes the thing you thought was important is no longer even necessary. Then you are free to move on to some new desire or aspiration.

The more we all work on bringing joy into our own day, the more we have to share and the more seeds we plant for others to do the same.

“Scatter joy!” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Just wait until we all start blooming this spring! It’s going to be AWESOME!

Dr. Jodi Ritsch MD, is available for mindful change life coaching at The Center in Eau Claire ( or family medicine appointments at The Joyful Doc Clinic in Menomonie (

Auto-immunity: Management through Nutrition

by Daniel Czelatdko,DC, CCSP, DACBN, Tenold Chiropractic

Auto-immunity occurs when our system develops antibodies to attack its own tissues. The body does not recognize its own tissue and perceives it as foreign. The body then wants to destroy this particular tissue because its main goal is to survive infection. In case you haven’t noticed, the frequency of auto-immune diseases appears to be increasing.  Despite poor reporting on auto-immune diseases, there is a trend showing an increase in its incidence. Conditions like Crohn’s disease have more than tripled in the last thirty years, and multiple sclerosis (MS) has more than doubled.

So what are some possible reasons as to why auto-immunity occurrence has increased? Auto-immune conditions are nothing more than undifferentiated immune failure, ultimately leading to defined cancers, infections, and degeneration. One possible cause is the lack of cell membrane integrity due to bad fats in our diets. Fats such as trans fats tend to form poor phospholipid barriers. This allows DNA to leak out of the cell, and then our immune system recognizes the DNA as being foreign. DNA in the blood like this is unmethylated. So let’s say some unmethylated thyroid DNA is floating through the blood and the body recognizes that as possible infection. It then mounts an immune response to that particular DNA. The problem then becomes any DNA that is related to thyroid is attacked and hence we get a condition called Hashimoto’s syndrome. Along with a poor diet, other contributors are genetic predisposition to methylation difficulty, overburdening of the body with toxic chemicals, psychological stress, and immune dysregulation due to the burdens put on it through the intestinal track. Conditions such as leaky syndrome are a prime example.

Every person has a normal amount of auto-immune activity, which is vital for immune management.  Normal sampling of genetic material in the bloodstream provides feedback to the immune system. The body will interpret genetic material in the blood as upstream tissue damage and degeneration vulnerable to infection and disease. Auto-immune conditions such as psoriasis, Grave’s disease, vitiligo, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, and lupus all then have the opportunity to form.

So what are the goals of managing this condition? In any of these cases, the employment of therapies seeking to balance all systems of the body can help bring a resolution of auto-immune conditions. Down regulation of the immune activity by reducing inflammatory and chronic infection burdens while also balancing the intestinal track can gradually improve symptoms and result in a remission. Realize that it’s difficult to repair tissue that has been attacked and damaged by auto-immune responses. However, the goal here is to stop the progression and begin the healing process.

This article does not permit the ability to go into extreme detail on each case by case basis, however there are some keys to managing auto-immunity. One step is to improve lipid membrane reinforcement, and this can be done via essential fats like omega 3s. The fats will allow a better phospholipid membrane, preventing unmethylated DNA from escaping. Supporting methylation of circulating DNA is also important, so utilizing foods that are methyl foods, such as cruciferous vegetables, garlic, or spanish black radish, are helpful. Third, one must reduce the body’s inflammatory and immune burdens, such as food allergies. Each body system is then supported to promote healing of particular target tissues. This could include specific glandular support for the thyroid, the gut, bone, etc. Typically the gut has to be repaired, and this would be done via pre- and probiotic efforts along with other support to heal the intestinal tract.

Although detailed and systematic, auto-immune conditions can be managed and placed into remission if done with proper nutritional therapies that systematically stop the immune response to its own body tissue and heal that particular tissue with specific nutraceuticals.

Dr. Dan Czelatdko is a board-certified clinical nutritionist from The American Clinical Board of Nutrition. He has been practicing nutrition and chiropractic for the last twenty-three years with an emphasis on hormone health at Tenold Chiropractic in Eau Claire.

What Are the Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy?

1) Colon hydrotherapy detoxifies your body.

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of death. The American Cancer Society suggests that the increase in bowel cancer is due to pesticides/herbicides sprayed on crops, hormones/antibiotics fed to animals, carcinogenic agents in the air we breathe and the water we drink. The longer waste stays in our colon, the more we are exposed to these substances. Periodic cleansing of the colon wall could minimize exposure of certain carcinogens. When fecal waste material accumulates over a long period of time, it breaks down and becomes toxic. Toxins are excreted through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin. Two of the main functions of the colon are to absorb water and remove waste and toxins. Just think, if our colon is clogged up with putrefying waste, we are reabsorbing dirty water and toxins back into our system! Enemas only reach the lower portion of the colon, whereas colon hydrotherapy reaches the entire large intestine which is 5-6 feet in length.

2) Colon hydrotherapy hydrates your body.

Our bodies are made up of approximately 75 percent water, and our brains are approximately 85 percent water. A general rule of thumb is to drink half of our body weight in ounces of water daily. Example: If you weigh 100 pounds, you should be drinking 50 ounces of water daily. Room-temperature water is better absorbed. Filtered water is best. Most of us do not drink enough water.

3) Colon hydrotherapy helps your colon work more efficiently.

The colon is a muscular tube that relies on peristalsis (muscular contraction) to move waste through the colon to expel it. A colonic irrigation will “exercise and tone” the colon. Think of a session as a forty-five-minute workout for your colon.  Ideally, we should have at least two bowel movements per day. If not, we are constipated. Bowel movements should be soft, not hard. Colon hydrotherapy only uses filtered water. Laxatives are chemical irritants that can become habit forming.

4) Colon hydrotherapy can be used as an alternative prep prior to a colonoscopy instead of drinking the liquid prep solution.

Two sessions are required the day before and day of the procedure. If you have constipation issues, three sessions would be required.

What is a colon hydrotherapy session like?

First, you will fill out a health history form, which the therapist will review and screen for contraindications. Next, you will change into a gown and lie on a comfortable table covered with a sheet. Soft music plays in the background, and lights are dimmed. Essential oils and lotion are used to create a spa-like experience. Warm cloths are applied to the feet and lower legs. Reflex points on the feet and lower legs are stimulated and massaged to help your colon release. I am not a massage therapist or reflexologist, but I know which reflex points to stimulate. Filtered water flows into the colon. Waste is softened and loosened, resulting in evacuation through natural peristalsis (wavelike muscular contraction.) That process is repeated a few times during a session. Everything is contained in tubing, so there is no mess or odor. The waste goes directly into the sewer system.

How many sessions should I have?

Everyone is individual, but you may want to consider having three sessions in a three-week period for optimal results if you have never had a colonic. After that many people choose to have a colonic monthly or every other month. Twelve is the maximum number of colonics you should have in a twelve-month period.

How should I prepare for a colonic?

Drink lots of room-temperature water the day before and day of session. Avoid gas-producing foods and liquids. Don’t eat two hours prior to session.

Equipment is FDA-approved and uses disposable tubing. Backflow prevention safety is built into the tubing and equipment. A three-step filtration system is used for both the hot and cold water supply. Equipment is disinfected with a germicidal solution after each use.

For more information go to: | Lorri Lorentz, I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, certified through the International Association of Colon Therapists. She was also a Registered Nurse for thirty-five years.

Heartburn: Got It?

by Heidi Toy, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

The National Institute of Diabetes and Kidney Digestive Diseases reports that 60 million people experience heartburn at least once a month and 25 million experience symptoms daily. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), one the most common digestive disorders, is also one of the most mismanaged diseases by the medical establishment.

The anti-acid industry is worth over $15 billion annually, and as the usage of these drugs increase, our health declines.

Acid reflux is believed by many to be too much stomach acid, hence an acid blocker. The problem with this theory is that the incidence of heartburn and GERD increases with age while stomach acid levels have been shown to decline with age. The truth is, heartburn is not caused by too much stomach acid. It is caused by too little, and the way to heal it is not by taking acid blockers but by taking stomach acid until the body is able to make its own normally.

So why do antacid drugs provide relief of symptoms? Read on.

Stomach acid has the acidity of 0.8, battery acid is 0. The pH scale ranges from an acidity of 0 to an alkalinity of 14 and is a base 10 scale, which means when you go up or down the scale, the next number is multiplied by 10. So for example, you move up or down the scale by two, the acidity or alkaline of a substance is changing by 100, by 3 – 1,000,  by 4 – 10,000 and so on.

When food enters the stomach it mixes with what is called hydrochloric acid (HCL) and it becomes chyme (rhymes with time). I call this “the burn and churn.” This mechanical mixing of our food with acid is when the enzyme pepsin, required for protein digestion, gets triggered.

Now here’s the catch: in order for food to move into the small intestine, it must reach an acidity level of 1.5–3.0 to pass through the tight muscle separating the stomach from the small intestine called the pyloric sphincter. The small intestine is where the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates and fats occurs. If it is not acidic enough, the pyloric sphincter will not open and chyme will sit in the stomach. As it sits there fermenting (carbohydrates), putrefying (protein), and turning rancid (fat), it’s becoming a toxic mess, and the body wants to get rid of it.

What happens when you shake a bottle of fermented liquid like beer? It explodes! That same thing is occurring in our stomach, and it has nowhere to go but up into your esophagus. What is crucial to understand is that any amount of acid in the esophagus will burn it because the lining here is not protected against acid like the stomach is. Chyme with the acidity of 4–5 is too alkaline by 10 to 100x to pass through the pyloric sphincter into the small intestine and too acidic by that same 10 to 100x to be in the esophagus.

When an acid blocker is taken, it does decrease the acid and reduce the symptoms of heartburn and GERD, but in no way does it heal the problem In fact it makes the problem worse. The longer someone is medicating with acid blockers, the more severe the condition becomes, making this become a lifelong medication for those who are taking them.

People who take acid blockers for an extended period of time have been shown to have increased bacterial overgrowth, impaired nutrient absorption, decreased resistance to infection and parasites, and an increased risk of cancer and other diseases.

Without adequate stomach acid we are not able to properly digest and absorb the nutrients from our foods. Low stomach acid has been linked to a plethora of nutritional deficiencies.

B12 is needed for nerve activity, brain function, and by the liver as part of detoxification. B12 enters the body bound to animal proteins and cannot be separated from its carrier protein unless there is adequate stomach acid.

Iron is required for the oxygenation of body tissue. People who are anemic are iron deficient, and their tissue is being starved of oxygen. Studies have proven that people with chronic anemia also have below normal stomach acid secretion.

Folate is crucial to red blood cell production—it helps prevent osteoporosis-related bone fractures—and to prevent dementias, including Alzheimer’s disease. Low stomach acid interferes with the absorption of folate by raising the pH of the small intestines. It has also been shown in studies that both the drugs Tagamet and Zantac reduce folate absorption.

Around 99 percent of the calcium in the body is used to keep our bones and teeth strong, thereby supporting skeletal structure and function. The rest of the calcium in our body plays key roles in cell signaling, blood clotting, muscle contraction, and nerve function.

Zinc plays a crucial role in over 300 enzymes in the body. It is vital for growth and cell division and fertility. Among all vitamins and minerals, zinc shows the strongest effect on our immune system. Low zinc levels reduce and weaken T cells, which are required to recognize and fight off certain infections.

Another role of HCL is to bathe and disinfect our foods, making our stomachs one of our first lines of defense against foreign invaders such as harmful bacteria. It also keeps our beneficial bacteria in our intestine where it belongs, as having bacteria in the stomach and esophagus creates problems.

People with low stomach acid or on acid blockers are more susceptible to pathogens like salmonella, campylobacter, cholera, listeria, giardia, and C.Difficile. Their immune system is also decreased in its ability to fight infections.

Heartburn and GERD are caused by too little versus too much stomach acid. However, it is possible to heal the body and rid one of the dependency on acid-reflux drugs. It should be done with a practitioner who understands the protocol, as it is very bio-individual and takes time and know-how. In my clinical practice, it has been my pleasure to help many people heal from this and other health issues.

Heidi Toy is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and the owner of “Educated Nutrition”, located in Altoona, WI. Her focus is helping people heal holistically, with an emphasis on autoimmune disorders.

Colon Hydrotherapy

by Lorri Lorenz, Clear Water Cleanse

Colon hydrotherapy uses FDA-approved equipment to instill temperature-controlled, filtered water into the colon by way of a speculum to remove toxins from the body and improve colon health. A three-step filtration system is used for the water supply. All waste is contained in tubing, so there is no mess or odor, and waste flows directly into the sewer system. The tubing and speculum are disposable. All other equipment is disinfected with a germicide after each use. There is also a back-flow prevention valve built into the tubing.  A gown is worn, and you are covered with a sheet to maintain privacy.

A colonic will reach the entire colon, which is approximately 5–6 feet in length, unlike an enema, which will only reach the lower portion of the colon. Ideally, a person should have two to three bowel movements per day. If not, a person can become dehydrated and constipated.

A colon hydrotherapy session is equivalent to a 45-minute workout on the treadmill for your colon. It helps your colon to work more efficiently because it relies on peristalsis, which is a muscular contraction to move waste through the colon to expel it. Laxatives are chemical irritants and can become habit forming. Colon hydrotherapy uses only filtered water.

I have had irritable bowel syndrome and after having several colonics, I can eat ANYTHING and no longer suffer from diarrhea. I also met a colon hydrotherapist in Nevada who had severe acne and had tried “everything under the sun” with no results. After having several colonics, her skin cleared.

Ancient Egyptians practiced colon hydrotherapy as early as 1500 BC.  Colon hydrotherapy equipment was used in hospitals in the 1950s but was removed in the 1960s due to the use of pharmaceuticals.  Dr. Kellogg published in the 1917 Journal of American Medicine that out of 40,000 cases of gastrointestinal disease, only 20 cases required surgery. The rest were helped as a result of cleansing the bowels, exercise, and diet.