Lose Weight with ChiroThin

By Dr James Appel, DC

The ChiroThin formula is physician created and has been specially blended to aid in boosting metabolism, suppressing hunger and cravings, reducing fat cell mass (the bad fat cells), reducing insulin resistance, increasing fullness, and detoxifying your body. ChiroThin is an all-natural amino acid. This is not an HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diet.

ChiroThin is designed to teach you how to eat healthy. We do not have shakes or pre-packaged foods. No surgery or drugs. This is a safe and effective program to lose weight and keep it off. We are teaching people how to eat correctly, how to cook, and how to manage portion control.

Maintenance is one of the most important steps after you lose weight. This program is designed for you to maintain your weight loss every six weeks, for approximately three weeks. This is when our knowledge, experience, and emotional support are valuable.

This is one of the most affordable and effective programs around. Weekly one-on-one visits are required to check your progress. Personalized recommendations and a great support system foster improved compliance for better results more safely. Check out our website at appelchiropractic.com for more information.

Here is a testimonial of the program from Kelly in our office who tested the program before we brought it to the public:

“This is a very personal journey for me. I have battled being heavier my entire life. I have been on every diet you can imagine. I lose the weight to gain it back and never learn how to maintain it. I did not want to be that example for my children and continue this same lifestyle. Shakes and meal replacement plans are not the diet plan for me as they do not teach me how to live the rest of my life and keep the weight off. I want to be able to cook for my family and teach my children the correct ways to eat. In five months I have lost seventy pounds and fifty plus inches, I have dropped five pants sizes. I have completed over two months of maintenance without a weight gain. I have learned more in this program than I have ever learned on any other diet. I am eating healthy foods from the grocery store, cooking them correctly, and losing weight. I have never felt better about my weight loss, and I am very close to my goal, which I have never accomplished before”.

Dr. James Appel has been practicing chiropractic since 1980. A graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. His strongest attribute is his understanding of neck and back problems and how to quickly and successfully resolve these problems.

It’s All About the Connection: Equine Therapy for Veterans

In the business world, a connection can result in a new job, a great promotion, and surprising opportunities. In our world at Trinity Equestrian Center, connections between horse and human result in changed lives…sometimes even saved lives!

Veterans come to us for help for many reasons relating to their service experience. Most often it falls in the broad category of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While there are many demons that lurk under that cover, one that disrupts the very foundation of their recovery is emotional detachment. While in combat, it was a critical skill that not only helped them cope with all they had to do and see, but it may be the very reason they survived. Without emotions you can analyze the situation objectively, do what you need to, and complete your mission.

Here are some statements from veterans:

“I feel empty, hollow…totally unattached from my family and friends.”

“My wife says she thinks I don’t love her or care about the kids anymore…I can’t feel anything anymore.”

“Sometimes I hurt myself just to prove that I CAN feel something…anything.”

Our equine therapy starts with a guided walk with our veteran among a selected herd of horses called a Herd Walk. We encourage our veteran to just “be” not so much “do” anything. Relax, watch, listen, and just co-exist. During this time, it never fails: a connection is made between the veteran and a horse. We can see it develop right before our eyes.

Over the weeks of equine therapy, that deeply rooted, trained skill of shutting off one’s emotions begins to dissolve and is softened by the unabashed, unapologetic desire of the horse to connect at a very deep and meaningful level with the veteran. That connection grows into a relationship, one that is unconditional, non-judgmental, and surprisingly welcomed. The veteran’s increased desire to connect with the horse and the liberating feelings that come from that connection slowly translate into a desire to reconnect with family, friends, and life.  It gives them hope. Hope that things can get better, in fact will get better. Hope changes everything. It saves lives.

After only a few weeks in our program, one of our vets shared that he had carried with him a suicide note for years prior to joining us for therapy. At the beginning of his fifth week’s session and with tears in his eyes, he shared the existence of the suicide note and that he had torn it up. Something he never thought he would or could do. He said, “I don’t need it anymore. I don’t wanna die, I wanna live! Lilly (his horse) changed everything for me.”

We go many different directions with our equine therapy and work on any issue the veteran brings to us or that is discovered on the journey. It is an incredibly effective method that gives them hope and saves lives.

Since 2009, Trinity Equestrian Center (TEC), a non-profit oganization has provided nearly 1,800 FREE therapy sessions to 140 veterans and their families who are struggling with the effects of PTSD and traumatic brain injury. With equine assisted psychotherapy, therapeutic riding, natural horsemanship, and prayer therapy that collectively produce an amazing 83 percent success rate

Heat Up Your Life – and Your Yoga

By:  Anna Lucas

It’s late Sunday morning. You’re bundled up, shuffling along North Barstow Street, decked out in your winter best—a nearly equal comparison to a super-sized marshmallow with your puffy down jacket, knitted scarf, head wrap, thick mittens, and clunky, insulated boots. The winter wind bites at your cheeks as you squint your eyes against the sun’s glare off the freshly fallen snow. Winter in Wisconsin–“Experience the cold that seeps into your bones.”

Then, you see “308 N. Barstow Street: Dragonfly Studio” where you stop and pull open the door.  When you enter, you’re instantly bathed in warmth–the entire room heated to a comfortable 90 degrees. It’s as though you’ve stepped into a giant hug. The cozy air envelops your entire body, and every muscle immediately begins to release and your heart sighs happily. The rooms smells lightly of pine.  There’s music playing and laughter ringing throughout the studio as you begin to notice a whole community of people talking and setting up their yoga mats on the golden, hardwood floor.

Welcome, my friend, to “90 Degree Yoga.”

Maybe you currently have your own yoga practice and have already discovered many of its diverse and plentiful benefits. Or, perhaps you have simply heard people buzzing about a class they’ve recently taken and are curious about what yoga might be like for you.  Either way, what is “90 Degree Yoga,” anyway?

“90 Degree Yoga” had its humble beginning at Dragonfly Dance and Wellness Studio in Eau Claire, in January of 2014. Anna Lucas, owner of Crave Yoga & Wellness LLC, had recently fallen in love with heated yoga and was eager to replicate a similar class in the Chippewa Valley.

So, what can you expect? As with any yoga practice, it’s important to show yourself–your body and your mind–compassion. That’s why yoga is referred to as your “practice.” Because, no matter your skill level, we are all continual learners! Every person will be somewhere different on their yoga journey.  Simply know that when you attend a class, you will find yourself in a community that deeply supports and encourages one another. Our environment is one of warmth, love, learning, and continual growth. All you need to bring with you is an open mind and maybe invite a friend. Expect to have fun, breathe, sweat, and move.

“But, I’m not flexible.” We hear this one a lot. More important than physically flexibility is mental flexibility. Allow yourself to be open to new possibilities. The yoga style taught is a Power Vinyasa Flow, which means that you will be led through a series of dynamic yoga poses that follow the rhythm of your natural breath. Movement through these poses (which are all guided by a certified instructor) will expose both your strengths and weaknesses. This is all a part of the journey. Letting go and breathing through challenges will not only give you strength, but will allow the tension in your body and mind to release further, thus resulting in increased range of motion and all over flexibility. Simply trust in the process.

But, why turn up the heat? The increased temperature gives your muscles a natural way to stretch and can also help to prevent injury.  We “warm up” the body both through movement AND heat. The vast majority of hot yoga studios in the country crank up the heat to a steamy 98+ degrees, and you’ll undoubtedly leave class drenched in sweat. At Dragonfly Studio,we keep the temperature at 90 degrees to offer the benefits of heat and to evoke a light sweat to cleanse the body of impurities.

We delight in the diversity of our yoga students. No matter your past experience of yoga (or lack thereof) you are welcome! Come find your peace, ignite your passion, and unleash your power.

“Yoga is ultimately a journey into truth: truth about who you really are, what you are capable of, and how your actions reflect your life.” —Baron Baptiste.

Anna Lucas is a real-deal wellness advisor and owner of Crave Yoga & Wellness LLC. In addition, Anna is a healing touch (Reiki) practitioner, prolific write, national speaker, free-flowing yoga instructor, and an expansive grinner. Anna resides in Eau Claire (for now) and founded the blog “Flow to Be Free,” where she poetically shares her spiritual journey toward self-love, vulnerability, and living courageously.

To schedule a personal coaching or Reiki session or to get more information on events, please email her at craveyogawellness@gmail.com and visit her blog www.flowtobefee.blogspot.com.

And, please LIKE Crave Yoga & Wellness LLC on Facebook!

Introducing SipSnap!

A sleeve that makes any glass a sippy or straw cup for your lttle one.  Super Awesome and kids will agree!

Double Double is the result of two talented designer Mompreneurs, Sativa Turner and Michelle Ivankovic.

They’ve joined forces with a mission to decrease the hassles and increase the joys of parenting. They believe in the power of simple, thoughtful design that delights, inspires, and facilitates life. With their introductory line of SipSnap universal drinking lids, Double Double hopes to prevent spills while clearing some space in the kitchen so parents and their little doubles can spend less time fussing and more time playing

Think Green: 8 Great Products

1. Surface Men’s Line
Cleanse, condition, hair, face, and body all with one great product.  www.surfacehair.com

2. Cleure Emu Oil
For thousands of years emu oil benefits have been known by the Australian Aborigine. Cleure Emu Oil is obtained from emu that are organically fed and are free range. Studies reporting emu oil benefits: Temporary relief of muscle pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties, anti-aging properties, and so much more.   www.cleure.com

3. NEW Wicked Cool!™ fluoride-free toothpaste
Wicked Cool!™ fluoride-free toothpaste features a mild mint flavor for kids who have outgrown fruit or bubblegum flavors but don’t like the strong mint flavors found in many adult toothpastes. Wicked Cool!™ cleans gently and freshens breath. And like all Tom’s toothpastes, it has no artificial dyes, sweeteners or flavors.  We produce this toothpaste without fluoride because we respect our customers’ diverse needs and interests.  www.tomsofmaine.com

4. Clairvoyant for Baby
Lavender Sulfate-Free Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, a two-in-one lavender-based shampoo and body wash with organic jojoba seed oil and vitamin E to help relieve sensitive, itchy, and dry skin; Baby Lotion, a rich lotion packed with aloe leaf juice, coconut oil, and Roman chamomile to help reduce flakiness and itchiness for even the most sensitive skin; and Baby Oil, a nourishing body oil formulated with grapeseed and organic olive oils to lock in moisture and work as an combatant to cradle cap. Each product is designed to refresh and hydrate your little one’s delicate complexion and strands.  www.clairvoyantbeauty.com

5. Lemongrass Spa Mascara
We use organic ingredients to create this matte brown mascara. Smudge-proof and water resistant for all-day wear. No parabens or petrochemicals. Enhanced with chamomile, coffee and rice extract for thick, beautiful lashes. Contact Karen Vieth, Regional Sales Director (715)879-4225 or klvieth@yahoo.com.

6.  Badger Balm Massage Oil
We’ve infused silky smooth and deeply moisturizing cold pressed olive and jojoba oils with harmonious blends of super-critical plant extracts and essential oils to soothe mind and body. Experience the power of this aromatherapy massage oil packed with naturally occurring vitamins, antioxidants and skin soothing nutrients. www.badgerbalm.com

7. Tangerine Body Polish by Lemongrass Spa
This 100 percent natural hydrating blend of apricot kernel oil, mango butter and honey is a special treat in the shower or bath. Pure cane sugar added to exfoliate dry skin leaving it soft and silky! Contact Karen Vieth, Regional Sales Director (715)879-4225 or klvieth@yahoo.com.

8. Poofy Organics Raspberry Vanilla Lotion Stick.
This product does not evaporate as easily as other lotions. The great and simple ingredients coat your skin. Use it on your entire body or on problem areas! Keep it in a purse or pocket! Contact Aphrodite at peacelovemusic@sprynet.com  or www.poofyorganics.com/Aphrodite to order your’s today!