Dangers of Mercury in Dental Fillings

By: Jan Carroll

Various heavy metals enter our bodies through what we eat, drink, touch, and breathe, and then build up in several body organs. For at least some people, these metals can cause various health issues such as dementia, kidney and liver diseases, insomnia, personality changes, emotional instability, depression, panic attacks, memory loss, headaches, and vision disturbances. One source of mercury toxicity is dental amalgams or “silver” fillings.

Many people have amalgam fillings,and millions of new fillings are placed each yea. The American Dental Association and FDA state that they’re safe. Anti-amalgam dentists say they aren’t. Those who oppose amalgams say that mercury vapors can be released into the body during filling placement or removal, or when fillings arcracked, heated, or exposed to acidic juice or hot coffee.

There have been several studies showing the dangers of amalgams, and they have been banned in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. In the United States, however, the FDA ruled that the levels of mercury vapor released “are not high enough to cause harm in patients” and that only a few people are mercury sensitive.

The good news is that less amalgams are being used, almost 50 percent less, in the last seven years. But if you still have older amalgams, should you have them removed? Anti-amalgam dentists say yes, doing so will help your immune system and will positively affect your health.

Not Just a Fad

By Beth Martin, Just Local Food Cooperative

Eating a diet in rhythm with the seasons just makes good sense.  Especially when you consider that most Americans are quite literally starved for the nutrients found in fresh fruits and vegetables.  Seem impossible?  Consider this, according to New York Times best selling author Dr. Mark Hyman, “ a whopping 92% of us are deficient in one or more nutrients at the recommended daily allowance (RDA) level.”

The Standard American Diet, rich in heavily processed packaged and fast foods (can we even call these things food?) and empty of fresh fruits and vegetables results in vast nutrient deficiencies that create most of the health issues we see today.

Good for Your Health!

Fruits and vegetables are at their peak flavor and nutritional content when they are ready to be harvested.  Most foods begin to lose nutrients almost immediately after harvest.  For example, spinach and green beans lose two-thirds of their Vitamin C within a week of harvest, according to the University of California, Davis.   By eating locally grown (ideally organic) foods this means you will be eating not only more flavorful food, but you’ll boost your nutrition.

Eating a seasonally based diet with lots of variety throughout the year is the “cornerstone of preventive medicine,” says Preston Maring, a doctor at Kaiser Permanente’s Oakland Medical Center in California.   Study after study have documented  the benefits of eating an in-season, plant-focused diet—reduced risks of cancer and heart disease, increased longevity, improved cholesterol, improved vascular health, increased bone density and weight loss, to name a few.

Good for Our Community/Local Economy!

There are many options for purchasing locally grown foods.  The farmer’s market or CSA share is always a great place to start.  Another year-round option is your local food co-op.  Food co-ops, like Just Local Food, build relationships with local farmers and provide them access to market and offer a healthy price for their products.  Local food co-ops are able to work with smaller growers because we don’t demand volume like bigger grocers.   For every $1.00 you spend at a local food co-op, $.38 stays in our local economy.  This may not seem like much but it has huge economic impact.  And we all know a strong local economy is the key to thriving community.

Good for our Earth!

When you support small farmers who nurture their land through sustainable farming practices you are investing in more nutrient dense food for everyone while ensuring our small farmers continue to have a viable way of life.   Modern commercial farming focuses on quantity, not quality – at the expense of soil quality – resulting in less nutritious food.  For example, modern wheat and barley have 30 to 50 percent less protein than they did in 1938.

Nutrition is more holistic than just calorie counting and adding up nutrient levels.  When you enjoy locally grown foods you nurture a connection to the natural world that is good for our bodies and our souls.  According to Herbalist and physician Aviva Romm, it’s a “way of loving and caring for ourselves and others that allows us and those we serve to reach our fullest potential”.

June is Dairy Month

Crystal Ball Farms is owned and operated by Troy and Barb DeRosier along the St. Croix River in the small village of Osceola, WI.   Troy and Barb have been personally delivering their certified organic milk for over ten years.  Just Local Food Co-op is proud to say that Crystal Ball Farms was our very first vendor; Just Local started as a home milk delivery service of their delicious, organic milk products.

In 2003, the DeRosier’s built their creamery where they process the milk from 100 grass fed cows.  Since that time their operation has experienced continued growth, as the demand for certified organic, local dairy products has increased.   Their creamery operation is thriving with a wide market in Wisconsin and Minnesota.   The DeRosier’s are proud to control their entire operation, from crops to the finished product.

The result are milks and milk products with outstanding flavor and nutritional value.  Crystal Ball Farms pasteurizes their milk but do not homogenize.  This means the flavorful and healthful fat content remains.  The DeRosier’s cows graze on a diet rich in grass and spend their lives outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air, ultimately enhancing the quality and flavor of the milk.  You really can taste the difference.

Just Local carries a full line of Crystal Ball Farms milk products including skim, 2%, whole and chocolate milk, half and half and heavy cream

Natural Remedies for Summer Fun

By: Michael J. Court

Growing up, I always loved getting outside once the snow and ice cleared. I could not wait to start riding my bike, playing ball, and getting into whatever kind of trouble I could muster. Inevitably I would find myself getting cut, bruised,bleeding, or bit by some type of “blood sucking creature”!  As a result, I would usually go to my mom, and she would go into our first-aid cabinet and get some type of remedy.

Over the years I have come to use more natural remedies to handle non-emergency-type problems that have come up for my family. I have put together a partial list of products that I consider to be essential to any home that wants a more natural first-aid kit. I recommend and give them to my patients.

I have always had ready a healthy, live aloe vera plant. It has been used for centuries and is widely known for its healing qualities. Aloe can be used as a pain reducer for just about anything from burns and sunburns to insect bites. Pure aloe works best, especially the mucous after you cut the leaf and apply it to any of the above maladies. It has a soothing and pain-numbing effect.

Another topical agent I like, especially for hard to heal wounds, is wheat germ oil. Natural non-rancid wheat germ oil contains whole food vitamin E for the healing of skin tissue. It is essential that you use wheat germ oil that is pure and has not been exposed to air too long. If left in the presence of oxygen or exposed to heat or light, it will denature the effectiveness. That is why I like the perles from Standard Process. It comes in small perles that can be opened with a pin when they are needed.

Another product is colloidal silver (from Life Silver). You can safely apply the liquid or gel to any cut, infection, or insect bite. Colloidal silver has the unique ability to kill pathogens and reduce infections. In fact, some researchers have found silver to be so effective that they are putting it on dressings and sutures to prevent infection. Water-soluble silver works best and is non-toxic.

Another unknown first-aid product is fulvic minerals. I likeit to treat stubborn fungal infections, insect bites, and bad cuts that will not stop bleeding. Fulvic minerals come from decayed matter that has been processed over hundreds of years by organisms in the soil. It is safe and non-toxic for external and internal use. It is important that it be stored in a dark glass container, in that it will leech out of plastic. I prefer using Optimally Organic brand.

Ever been exposed to too much sun and get a slight case of heat stroke?  This can be a serious problem, so do not mess around, get help immediately if necessary. For those cases that do not require medical attention, an old remedy by Dr. Royal Lee may help. He found that many cases of over-exposure to the sun resulted in an over-production of vitamin D. This resulted in too much calcium getting trapped in the bloodstream. This usually results in symptoms quite frequently seen in heat stroke. Dr. Lee found that by supplementing with Cataplex F you could quickly normalize the blood calcium imbalance. He also found it very effective in helping to protect against infections that thrive in a low calcium environment.

None of these remedies take the place of appropriate medical attention when needed. When a home remedy will do, give it a try!

Dr. Court graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1989.  He received his Naturopathic degree in 2010 from the American Naturopathic Medical Institute.   He is one of 500 doctors who have received the Advanced Clinical Training (ACT) from Ulan Nutritional Systems (UNS), and is the only ACT graduate in the Chippewa Valley.  Dr. Court lectures on topics relating to regaining your health through natural means.  He is an instructor for UNS, training other doctors in Nutrition Response TestingTM technique.



Can I Truly Get Rid of Lyme Disease and All My Symptoms?

By: Dr. Alan Lindsley

I have been asked this question a thousand times by individuals who have spent years in the spin cycle of feeling better, feeling worse, feeling better, and worse yet again.  After helping hundreds of patients regain their health again, I would say with confidece that yes you can live a fully functional life, have energy to do all your favorite activities, and age gracefully while still knowing your friend’s first name along with your own after you have had Lyme disease. Once exposed to a virus, it will live with you the rest of your life, but you may never feel the symptoms of the virus again if you have a healthy immune system. Many patients are told that a round or two of doxycycline will eliminate Lyme disease from your body and all positive tests after this point are simply the result of your immune system’s initial response to the Lyme bacteria or a co-infection.

Others treating in a drug model cycle their patients through a series of cocktails of antibiotics usually 3-4 at one time, trying to create a multi-prong approach. Every month or two they switch the antibiotics up hoping to kill any of the remaining bacteria or parasites that have evaded the last cycle of drugs. Still others may turn to herbal-based medicines to give them the edge to beat down the parasites and bacteria associated with Lyme disease. If using an antibiotic approach, most good flora in the gut is destroyed, and parasites and yeast unaffected by the antibiotics take over the gut system, creating dysbiosis and more toxins to deal with overloading the liver yet again.  If you have been sold this view point and this is the protocol they are using, you may want to put down your paddle before you find yourself too fa down that long river in Egypt called denial.

The real truth is that most cases of Lyme disease are more than just simple Lyme bacteria running around in your blood stream targeting specific ogans and creating a system that is full of toxins that overwhelm detoxification pathways creatin systemic problems in our body blocking the most basic functions of energy production, immune function, and tissue repair pathways. Combinations of Lyme bacteria, Babesia, Bartonella, and Ehrlichia (carried by ticks and potentially mosquitoes) along with hidden Sporazoa (carried by mosquitoes) are common in most people with or without a positive test.  The biggest problem in testing is finding the exact match to the bacteria or parasie that you are hosting.  Multiple strains in each of these categories make most testing very expensive and unreliable at best at pin pointing the infection.  When you spend thousands of dollars on testing (or your insurance does) and they find no evidence of any bacteria r parasites associated with Lyme disease, you are simply told, “You do not have Lyme disease.”

Often at this exact moment an all-out search begins to “categorize” your symptoms into a diagnosable disease so we can potentially apply a prescription to the symptoms.  The most common diagnosis for muscles and joints will be fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue bursitis, tendonitis, or some form of arthritis (rheumatoid, osteo, or infective). If areas being affected are located in the central nervous system (CNS), it will be diagnosed as anxiety, depression, sleep disorder (multiple), MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s. I call all of these names No Known Cause (NKC)- No Known Cure diseases.

When a doctor decides to hand you a diagnosis like this, I have advised that you should look them square in the eye and say, “I see you have categorized my symptoms into a diagnosis. Tell me what is the root cause? Explain to me your plan to return my physiology of my tissue to a normal functional level.”  You may hear crickets chirping as the sun sets before you get an honest answer. If you decide to go the pharmaceutical route, be aware that no drug prescription actually heals our tissue. Drugs manipulate the receptors on cells blocking most symptoms as they turn receptors off or on but are incapable of healing our cells.  Most of these diseases we experience start with a lack of energy to keep the tissue healthy and repair is unlikely.

The body is very intelligent, so it will do whatever it can to survive all of the hidden infections and toxins that are secreted. It diverts energy from function to survival areas, and you slowly see your ability to perform daily tasks drain away until you fid yourself not being able to perform them. Forget about working, exercising, laughing, or loving while trying to maintain friendships or relationships. You are happy just to shower and eat.

Most people with Lyme disease and most of those treating Lyme disease have no idea how the body makes energy or what nutrients are used in these chemical pathways to repair and detoxify. This causes a person to stay in this spin cycle of disease as they slowly watch their mental and physical health deteriorate and then die. They don’t live, they simply exist trapped in a body and a system that has no ability to create healing.

I have been asked hundreds of times, “What’s your protocol?” as if there is a single way to treat every person exactly the same. My answer is simple: if you have the exact same infections, the exact same body type, the exact same genetic SNiPs (interruptions in our normal genetic code), the exact same diet, the exact same chemical and metal toxins, the same exposure to the exact same mental and emotional stresses that have been present for the exact same amount of time, then great we can create one sweeping protocol for all who have Lyme disease.

In all the cases I have seen no two people are exactly the same, and so there is no real basic protocol, but the same basic things are done every time. The two steps to getting well are simple: get rid of what is not you (bacteria, parasites, fungus, yeast, heavy metals, and chemical toxins being excreted or exposed to) and rebuild what is you (fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs, and water).  A body that has a functioning energy system with proper balance of nutrients will have a functioning immune system, an abundance of energy, and little or no sign of illness or disease processes. While creating energy and repairing our tissue, it is only a matter of time before an inflammatory-based diseas process begins destroying our tissue and the labeling games begin!

Herbs have been used for thousands of years to remove pathogens, boost detoxification pathways, and assist the bod in repairing tissue. Combining the correct combinations of herbs into herbal tinctures can have amazing effects on stubborn infections. A single antibiotic may be thought of as a single arrow being shot at a moving target. Correctly combined herbal combinations can be thought of as shooting a 100 arrows at a moving target. I like a whole quiver of arrows being used at once. These herbal combinations along with proper application of nutrition for the body’s building blocks create a path to restoring normal function of tissues. A huge part of this healing process is understanding and identifying the genetic SNiPs and what types of nutrients will help bypass these genetic breaks in our inherited genetics. Bypassing these genetic weaknesses is often the difference between feeling a little better and getting completely well. Lyme disease has an amazing ability to really expose our genetic weaknesses.

People who make energy well are not in my office or anyone else’s regardless of whether Lyme is present or not. I have seen hundreds of people live productive lives, including myself, with Lyme disease until there is a tip of balance in the ability to manage the chronic problem and make energy. This is when you often see the wheels fall off; manageable symptoms become unmanageable, and they begin looking for answers. When Dr. Google, Phil, and Oz can’t explain away the symptoms, they find themselves looking to a nutritionist, a chiropractor, an herbalist, or a medical doctor for answers. Tens of thousands of dollars can be spent on testing with nothing being found to identify the cause or someone to provide a logical plan of action to restore normal cell health and physiological function.

One of the goals of our website is to introduce basic concepts of how the body works, how Lyme disease affects the body, and basic concepts to getting well.  Anyone interested in understanding the fundamentals of healing and basics of Lyme disease is encouraged to view the videos on our site. We will be adding to these basic concepts and ideas every few months.

Website: www.naturespharmacyllc.com.

Dr. Lindsley has helped thousands of patients from all over the United States suffering with chronic Lyme Disease by treating each patient based upon their individual and genetic needs.  He is a former suffer of Lyme Disease for over 30 years.  Through his own research he has developed several different products that target Lyme bacteria and various co-infections.  He has taught over 50 doctors in the midwest his approach to treating patients with Lyme Disease and his unique understanding of how patients can once again have complete health and vitality.