Natural Health Tips for 2017

By Debbie Koteras, Owner, Mother Nature’s Food, Inc

A new year is upon us, and for many people it is a time to reflect and make a New Year’s resolution. For many this can be a lifelong change, and for others it lasts about two weeks and then it is back to old habits. During this time of reflection, I would love to give you some things to think about that I have seen make a difference in many of my customers’ lives.

The first thing is water. I cannot say enough about having consistent good-quality water in your life every day. I think the key for many people is finding that perfect container for you because it really needs to go everywhere with you. Maybe you have one for home and one that goes with, whatever works for you!

Now the next item is sleep. I am not here to debate how many hours of sleep you should get, but my goal is to have you really think about the quality of sleep that you get. For many people having to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom is a nightly interruption. Is it an easy fix of not drinking anything too late at night or is there a prostate issue or a bladder issue? Getting to the root cause of the problem and not covering it up or ignoring it is really what you need to figure out. For some, you cannot get to sleep because you are unable to shut your thoughts off. There are different natural products that may help you out with many of these issues.

Now that you are drinking enough water and getting a good night’s sleep, there are a handful of supplements that MANY of my customers use every day that are helpful to their overall well-being. The top items are an omega supplement, a vitamin D3, and a multivitamin. Now these are all basics for people of any age – young to old.

Taking responsibility for your own health has to be a personal decision. Once you take on that challenge to get and keep yourself healthy, you will never regret it. Here is to an awesome 2017 and a healthier and happy you!

One Yoga Room Teacher’s Perspectiv

By Amy Annis, 

A person doesn’t have to go to yoga every day or several times a week to get the benefits. And this is coming from someone who has practiced and taught for over a decade. I have a good, steady Vinyasa practice. It’s not every day, and sometimes it’s not long. But some yoga is better than none. And being mindful to commit to the practice I remind myself and my students that yoga every day is not sustainable. It shouldn’t feel like something you have to do or have to get in. That is about as anti-yoga as possible. It should be practiced to open the body and feel good, and depending on the client’s unique situation, what works for him/her is different than what works for the next person.

I work with athletes, cancer survivors, and almost everyone in between. I love the people who feel the benefits and make a personal commitment to roll out the mat three to four times a week. They feel better and see the difference. But realistically, a forced practice unravels all of the benefits. If you are new to the practice, come to the studio, unroll your mat, and determine what works best for you.

What is special about The Yoga Room? For all of my years teaching in the Chippewa Valley I have encouraged my clients to try other teachers to get a comprehensive understanding of the value in different styles and disciplines of the practice. Unfortunately until now, this wasn’t really an option. Teachers were spread out and spread thin, and finding the right teacher for you could be a challenge. Wendy’s studio, The Yoga Room, offers a broad selection of classes from highly trained teachers so that any beginner can truly experience the different styles of yoga and find the teacher that speaks to them.

The Yoga Room

By Wendy Oberg, Owner & Teacher, The Yoga Room

The Yoga Room is brand-new business featuring some of Eau Claire’s long-time yoga teachers.  We kicked off our first class on Sunday, November 27, with a sold-out class. We are in the location of the former Orange Leaf (by Festival Foods). There are two studios: one is non-heated and the other is our HOT studio. The excitement and support has been amazing!

This space has sixteen dynamic and unique yoga teachers all in one easy-to-find location. Finding where the area teachers are has been challenging for people, so The Yoga Room was born out of the necessity to make it easier to find a class at pretty much any time of the day in one location. Yoga is not a “one-size-fits-all” practice. It comes in a variety of ways and flavors. Yoga is something very different to everyone. Some people find their yoga while moving through the postures in a 100-degree room, building physical strength, balance, and flexibility, while another finds it in a seated meditation with calming poses. The intention with The Yoga Room is to create a space where people can practice a wide variety of yoga styles with a unique variety of yoga teachers. This enables the students to find a class and a teacher that works for them. We have fifty-two classes a week on the regular schedule. We have some signature classes called the YogaRoom Flow, and we have several specialty classes, including Prenatal, Yoga Sculpt, Yoga for Runners, Easy Does It (for seniors), Yin, Tantra, AcroYoga, kids, and Power, to name a few.

Finding Balance and Peace
Yoga is a science of linking breath and body movements (yoga poses) to create a positive change. The best part of a yoga practice is the only thing you have to do to start seeing the changes is simply show up! The yoga will do everything else. Harvard has a recent study showing how yoga helps rebuild your brain’s gray matter. There is a reason that yoga has been around for over 5,000 years. It works!

What If I Am a Beginner?
Yoga is the MOST accepting practice. We were all beginners at one point, and what is hard today will be easy tomorrow. You will actually start to feel and see the changes very fast. You are never meant to do anything perfect in yoga. It’s all about the process.
My favorite quote about starting a practice is from T.K.V Desikachar in The Heart of Yoga: “We begin where we are and how we are, and whatever happens, happens.”

How Often Is Needed to Get the Benefits?
One yoga class can change your life. That sounds a bit dramatic, I know, but it’s true! Just like anything, once you make a commitment to something, you will reap the greatest benefits. If you can make it to your mat two times a week, you WILL feel the difference.

Trained, Experienced Teachers
The tribe of teachers at The Yoga Room is simply unbelievable, and the experience they bring to this space is a dream come true for yogis. All the teachers are at least 200-hour trained through accredited Yoga Alliance schools. Several have additional specialty certifications and training. They also have deep backgrounds in areas outside of yoga that complement their understanding of the body and allow for a richer yoga experience in a safely guided class setting. The Yoga Room tribe is made up of several teachers, including massage therapists, nurses, physicians, and occupational and physical therapists. It is a kind-hearted group of teachers committed to bringing more joy to people.

Advice for Yoga as a New Year’s Resolution
Keep your goals bite-size. They are easier to stick with than the really big ones. I feel that two classes a week is a perfect place to start. Be kind to yourself and just keep showing up, even if it’s been “too long” since your last class.  Every time you get on the mat, it’s your chance to reinvent yourself, wipe the slate clean, and start over.

Our Mission
We have one very solid mission at The Yoga Room. We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to practice yoga. The Yoga Room . . . Room for Everyone. Be Happy, Be Healthy, Do Yoga!

For more information visit

Starting Your Child Out Right with Dentistry

By Neal R. Benham, D.D.S., KiDZ.R.US Pediatric Dentistry

When should child have their first dental visit? Before the rest of the information, it is important that you keep your teeth clean starting in pregnancy. Decay is passed from the main caregiver to the child. The AAP, ADA, and AAPD recommend a first visit by age one.
What should you expect to happen at the visit?

• Expect some crying. All children cry except those who don’t. It’s a new experience, and it is normal for children to cry.
• A review of concerns of the parents.
• Hygiene instructions.
• Review of flouride use, both topical and systemic.
• Cavity check. Yes, one year olds do get cavities.
• Feeding issues, bottle, breast, and snacks
What should parents do before the first visit?
• Work with your child about opening and showing their teeth. Be persistent and consistent. This should start with cleaning gums before teeth erupt and brushing when they do erupt.
• Be positive. If you have issues with going to the dentist, have your spouse or a grandparent be the one to bring your child for their visit.
• Read books about visiting the dentist. Bernstein Bears is a good example.

How often do children need to visit the dentist?
Every six months is usual due to the rapidly changing development. Different things happen as the child grows and develops. They get used to the office. They get more teeth. Teeth get closer together. Children become more cooperative.

What happens if my child gets cavities?
Options depend on the number, location, and severity. Postponing with daily topical fluoride applications, removing decay with hand instruments, and a fluoride-releasing filling being placed, or if more involved, sedation or general anesthesia in the hospital.

The key is start early – be positive – it’s a life-long journey, not a single visit.

Use Chiropractic to Stay Healthy This Winter

By Lisa Arkowski, DC at  Gonstead, Stangl & Arkowski Gonstead, Stangl & Arkowski

Once again, cold and flu season is upon us. There’s an endless list of things that we can do to keep ourselves healthy this time of year. Maintaining good sleep, drinking water, and keeping sugar intake and stress levels down are all things we often know we should be doing. Making sure we’re eating our veggies and possibly adding some supplements can all help us stay healthy through the winter season.

But could chiropractic play a role in this too? Chiropractic care is often thought of when your back “goes out,” when you sleep funny, get a headache, or if your hands or feet start to tingle. But how can it help you get through the winter season? This time of year we tend to go into hibernation mode—we’re inside more, outside less. We bundle up when we go outside (and sometimes inside), and often we just start to feel tight all over just from the thought of the first snowfall. Spending hours in the kitchen cooking big meals for large family gatherings, sitting in the car to drive to see the ones you love, or even just sleeping in a different bed than usual are all activities that are necessary to see the friends and family we care dearly about. Unfortunately they can also lead to their own aches and pains down the line.

Sugar and stress often take more of a toll than we realize, leading to inflammation in the body. This in turn may make us more susceptible to both those holiday aches and pains as well as the more acute neck and back pain injuries.

Once the holidays are over we still don’t get off easy. The snow keeps falling and you have to put it somewhere. Icy sidewalks and parking lots create a slippery surface that creates extra work just to keep yourself up on your feet. Even those winter illnesses lead to more problems. Starting to get that cough going around the office? After a little while you may start straining your ribs and back, and you’ll get a quick reminder of just how many muscles and parts of your spine are involved in something as simple as a cough.

Chiropractic care can have a large impact on how comfortably you make it through this season. Chiropractors address the body as a whole, which leads to improved function, alleviated pain, and support for the body’s natural ability to heal itself. They evaluate the body and spine to see what’s working, and more importantly, what isn’t. In addition, chiropractors can teach you ergonomics so you’re moving right when you’re clearing those snow piles and skidding across those icy patches. They can give advice on what to do with all the driving and travel. Many chiropractors have additional training in nutritional counseling so they can help you get your body what it needs to stay healthy. They can help you address your health top to bottom, inside out.

Whether it’s staying proactive and taking care of yourself before those holiday aches and pain set in, or after you get through those activities and your body starts to tell you how much you’ve put it through, chiropractic can help you feel your best so you can focus on enjoying the season. Which is what it’s all supposed to be about anyway!